Which numerology method is Best for you?

Numerology is a mysterious effort to bring luck with the power of specific numbers that play in our name number. But it is confusing to understand which method of numerology to follow and get better results. As we all know, there are two main methods in numerology. They are Chaldean Numerology and Pythagoras numerology. The best numerology method for you is chaldean system of numerology as a primary preference and Pythogorean method as a secondary preference.

With all the experience, I can quickly tell that Chaldean numerology is best for personal name correction and Pythagoras numerology is best for Business name correction. Both go hand in hand, but it depends on which account one would like to correct or change a name.

For all personal names, Chaldean numerology is best because it is an age-old and proved science. Even Cheiro(French Numerologist) has used Chaldean numerology to predict the future of queens and kings during those days. It was all apt. Cheiro predicted with the method of Chaldean Numerology. There is a piece of evidence from Cheiro himself. He has also written a popular book called Book of Numbers that tells about how to use Chaldean to understand the future.

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But unfortunately, Pythagoras numerology has no such physical strong evidence that is popular. But still, it was later derived from famous mathematician Pythagoras who changed the values of each alphabet that resulted in the Pythagoras method. In my years of experience, the Pythagorean numerology method is best for business names and brand names. So if one has to get a bit of good luck with a business name, the best numerology method is Pythagoras one.

There is always confusion among many famous numerologists on this subject of which numerology is best to follow. But I have no mess as such because experience is the only answer. But one thing that I follow is to follow both methods while giving a name change to my clients. I make sure the name is vibrating positively in both systems of numerology. If someone comes to me for a personal name correction, I give 70% preference to Chaldean numerology and make sure that no wrong numbers come in Pythagoras numerology. This way, it is safe with name changes. In the same way, if someone comes for a business name correction, I give 70% preference to the Pythagoras method, and Chaldean is just a matter of not coming wrong numbers.

My concluding suggestion on this topic that numerology is best is that we need to test with it. Again do not get confused. I say to experiment with both methods. Sometimes one process works for one person, but the same way may not work with another person. So it is a matter of testing your name change with each method. Again do not get confused. What I say is what works for you may not work for your friend. So numerology is like that. You have to make sure with experience. If something is not working with a new name change, you must skip such a method and follow the second method.

There is no exact decisive factors in numerology. It is all test and experience. Numerology is something mysterious that one have to dig into its depth by trying and experiencing results of numerology