Do you want to change your Name according to Numerology?

If you want to change your name according to numerology, you must either contact a professional numerologist or do a numerology calculation on your own with the help of numerology name correction guide that is available on many websites online.

Alternatively, buy a ebook and learn how to change your name as per numerology. Also take the help of a numerology calculator online. If you follow all the mentioned steps, you can easily change your name into a luckiest name on earth that will bring all happiness and luck. If you do not know even the basics of numerology then better you learn first what is numerology. By doing all these, you will become an expert in numerology name change.

But I will try to give here the exact method of changing your name. Here are the steps to change your name according to numerology.

  • Know your birth number.
  • Know your destiny number.
  • Know your present name number.
  • See which numerology number matches.
  • Correct present name with the matching number.
  • Write the changed name everyday few times.
  • Continue writing your changed name for 3 months.
  • Enjoy happiness,bliss and all luck.
  • Finally, Change your name officially.

Here are the lucky numerology numbers as per your birth date:

Given Birth DateLucky name change number
1, 10, 19, 28 of all months19 is a powerful name number
2, 11, 20, 29 of all months37 is a powerful name number
3, 12, 21, 30 of all months23 is a powerful name number
4, 13, 22, 31 of all months24 is a powerful name number
5, 14,, 23, of all months41 is a powerful name number
6, 15, 24 of all months51 is a powerful name number
7, 16, 25 of all months21 is a powerful name number
8, 17, 26 of all months50 is a powerful name number
9, 18, 27 of all months55 is a powerful name number
If you want to change name as per numerology, follow these rules of lucky name numbers.

Things to do after numerology name change for quick luck

Firstly, try to use your changed name unofficially like using it on social media. Write your new name every day roughly on a book or a dairy. Use name plates on your study table. Also tell your new name to your kith and kin, friends and neighbours with out any shy feeling. Write your new name on places where you can use it freely. If you follow all these rules, you will get faster luck and postive result in a very lesser time.

Addtional questions if you want to change name according to numerology

Why should you change calling name rather than full name?

In numerology, calling name is very important for luck and not full name. Nobody knows full name. One each letter corresponds one each planet, for example A represents Sun, B represents Moon etc. So when people call you with such name then the power of planets will reflect upon you and you get lucky results.

How to use the changed name for getting faster luck?

Write your new name and tell to public and create social media accounts. Try to use your name as much a possible. Remember your new spelling always in your mind. You will positive vibrations in 3 months.

Will numerology name change really bring good luck?

100% Yes. It is a mystery science since ages.  People since old generations have been following this science and getting lucky results.

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