Terms and Conditions

Numerology Report

All numerology reports that are ordered from numerologynamecorrection.com/services will be prepared by T.S.Reddy manually. So there takes a time according to the customers in queue during the time of order. It may take 12 hours to one week approximately to prepare a report.

Refund Policy

No refund policy for all the services mentioned on numerologynamecorrection.com/services. As this is not a physical good, no refund will be issued once anyone makes a payment through any form to avail my numerology services.

Service on hold

If our clients are disrespectful towards numerologist in any way by word or deed, Numerologist T S Reddy has the right to put numerology report on hold or reject the service. Under this case, a refund will be issued to the client.

Insufficient information

Numerologist may ask clients to provide some details to prepare numerology reports. Any client not sending right details or missing details will be considered as a client with insufficient information. Under this case, numerologist may keep reports on hold or issue a refund.

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