Numerology Calculator Online

This Numerology calculator online gives numbers that are favourable according to your birthdate. This analysis is taken from ancient sages who offered their knowledge to the society in the form of Chaldean numerology calculator and pythagorean numerology calculator. The numbers given in the chart are based on original interpretations that are purely scientific and proved irrespective of any form of mysticism. Each number that comes in your birth date will reprensent one each planet of the universe. For example 5 means Mercury and 4 means Uranus. Both of these planets show its influence on those people who are born on 4 and 5 respectively. Depending upon the numbers, one can predict the future that holds for each person. Calculate only with original date of birth. Do not put wrong details in the columns given in the calculator. If you provide wroing birth details, you will get different numerology calculation. So before doing any sort of trials with the above given calculator, try to enter original birth details into it. The another thing that one must understand is to understand its given predictions like: which profession is good for your according to your date of birith. The calculator also gives which is the best gemstone for your to wear. The calculator also shows who are your best friends and foes. It also gives your lucky numbers. This is completely free numerology calculator based on your birth date. The predictions given are only according to the experts advice. If you feel that some other profession or number is giving you good results, you can very well follow it without any doubt.

Here are the proved calculations of numerolgy as per birth dates: Do not confuse yourself: Birthday number 1 means whoever is born on either 1, 10, or 19 or 28. All come under 1 category and vice versa with all other number. It is like just reducing your birth date into a single digit. That way you will find your number. Another example is if you are born on 5, 23, 14 then your number is 5. Whereas when you add all birthdate, year and month, the number that comes is called lifepath numbet. That is a different numerology caculation story.

There are many ways to deriving your numerology chart. Pythogorean chart is one that is famous among numerologists who do numerolgy calculations. This chart looks like a shape of a triangle. This triangle reveals the future of a person. Again date of birth place a great roles in this chart. Here is the example of the chart.

If you observe the input of numerology birthday numbers, all numbers are placed systematically in the triangel. It may be a confusion when you look at the triangel which number is placed where. Look throughly 2 or 4 times, then it will be clear. There are also many forms of calculations in numerology. Each has its own unique nature of understanding. Here is the other chart that tell about the mind set up and qualities of each person that are inherent as per birthday numbers.

The above numerology chart reveals the inherent nature of a person. The qualities are difficult to see through by appearance.

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