Life Path 7

According to the Life Path 7, you have a gift for analysis, investigation, and keen observation. You are a thinker of first order. You can evaluate situations quickly and with great accuracy. You are a perfectionist, who expects others to perform at a high level.

A Life Path 7 person is a calm and affectionate being. You must be careful about your relationships with people. You are able to recognize deceit and insincere people easily, so you try to avoid them. Although you don’t need a large circle of friends to be a good friend, once you have made the decision to accept another person as a friend, that’s a commitment for life. It is as if you have to get to know someone better before you let the walls around you fall. You are likely to be charming, refined, and well-informed with a great sense of wit. You are unique, however. You are probably not a social person. Although it is sometimes interpreted as aloofness, your reserve is actually not. This is just a way to mask your insecurity. You don’t have to be in a hurry. It takes time to make new friends. You are not interested in joining clubs and organizations.

You enjoy being alone, away from all the noise and bustle of modern day life. You would have adapted better to a slower pace of life in many ways. To be able to connect with your inner thoughts and dreams, you need quiet time. People, noise, distractions and confusion are not things you like.

The number 7’s overwhelming power is evident in the depth of thought that it displays. You will gain knowledge from almost every source you find. Intellectual, scientific, or studious, you can’t accept a presumption until you’ve dissected it and come up with your own conclusions.

This number is very spiritual and often indicates a kind of spiritual wisdom that emerges at an early age. You may be regarded as a law unto your own inner guidance, which can provide a strong sense intuition. You will hold on to your spiritual beliefs with passion, no matter how bizarre or traditional they may be. It is nearly impossible to get back to the same issue once you have resolved it. You are not a person who is flexible. Change is rare for you.

Instead of relying on someone else’s advice, you rely heavily upon your own experiences and intuition. You trust your intuition and follow the direction they direct you.

You can be very pessimistic and lackadaisical when you make the most of the 7 energies. An individual with a Life Path 7 who isn’t living their life fully and learning from experiences is difficult to live with. This is because they lack consideration for others. This is a very negative attitude. Living with a 7 can be difficult if you are a negative person. Some 7s prefer to live alone. Negative traits can be very hard to overcome if you feel the world owes you a living or you are being unfairly treated.

The negative 7 isn’t the usual 7, but it does have some positive attributes. This number seems to be prone to major changes from highs and lows. You may struggle to find stability in your feelings.

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