Life Path 6

The Life Path 6 indicates that you came to this plane equipped with the tools necessary to be a true nurturer and beacon for justice, righteousness, truth, and domesticity. A 6 Life Path will show you that your maternal or paternal instincts are superior to all others. You are the primary caregiver and head of the family, whether you’re at home or at work. The 6 may have significant responsibilities in the local community. However, life revolves around the family and the immediate home. Conservative convictions and principles are deeply ingrained in your character.

To be happy, you must be idealistic. Your main contribution is to the community by providing advice, support, and service. You are a humanitarian first. You have a responsibility to help others and that starts in your home. You are realistic and human. The home, your family, and your friends are the most important things in your life.

This Life Path is about leadership by example and taking on responsibility. It is your responsibility to carry the load and be available to help. You are likely to be like most people with Life Path 6. If so, you will gladly take on more than you can handle and be there for others when they need you. You take control of the situation and can often be considered an authority.

The 6 is loyal, devoted and dedicated in romance. You are a caretaker type and are likely to attract people who are weaker or more dependent than you. Someone you can take care of and protect. Harmony is the key ingredient in a relationship. Stressful relationships can make it difficult for you to function. Friends are loyal and trustworthy, too. However, you can become dominant and controllable.

You are likely to feel the need to act with strength and compassion. You are compassionate and generous with your personal and material resources. Your life is built on wisdom, balance, understanding, and a positive outlook. From an early age, you will be blessed with extraordinary wisdom and the ability understand other people’s problems. This allows you to bridge the generation gap and take on a significant role in your life.

Although the number 6 Life Path has few negative examples, there are some inherent pitfalls to this path. You might be prone to becoming overwhelmed by responsibilities or a slave to your family members and close friends. You may fall into the trap of being too critical of others and too harsh on yourself. You can misuse this Life Path to become exaggerated, self-righteous, and over-expansive. It may be difficult to show humility and modesty. It is a problem to try to impose one’s views in a meddling or interfering way.

This Life Path 6 person may be able to take on responsibility when the natural burdens are too heavy. Rejecting responsibility will make it very difficult to feel good and will cause you to feel guilty. It will also have very negative effects on your relationships with other people.

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