Life Path 4

This Life Path’s top tier can become a master builder of society. If you’re among these talented people, your idealistic nature is grounded in practical terms. This allows you to create grandiose and far-reaching plans and see them through to completion. You can attain great success and prestige if you want it and are willing and able to work hard for it. It is not possible to be famous with a 4Life Path.

This Life Path is for those who are able to take orders and follow through with them. Many 4s work and live happily in this environment. The 4 Life Path is often the manager and entrepreneur in the community. You will always expect the same from yourself and others in both roles.

You possess the willpower that can often be mistaken for stubbornness. Although you don’t consider yourself to be stubborn, your honesty and direct speech make you seem unrelenting. Once you make a decision, you will follow it through until the end, right, wrong or indifferent. You are determined and very settled in your decisions. Your determination and drive to succeed are borderline obsession. You are an excellent manager who has a great understanding of how to accomplish the job.

Because of your natural ability to see things in a common sense and practical manner, you are an excellent planner and organizer. You are a perfectionist and have a strong desire for success in your work. To avoid making mistakes, planning is essential. Because it’s rare for a 4 Life Path 4 to not have a to-do list at her disposal, it’s likely they invented it. You can organize your life in a way that allows you to manage the flow and prioritize the ideas and activities that come up every day. You function well when you’re under pressure and dealing with difficult problems.

You are loyal and dedicated, making the most of your marriage and being a good provider. Although you may not have many friends, your friendships can last a lifetime.

The number 4, which is strongly associated with the element earth, is a solid symbol of its strength and complete sense of reality. You are one of your most reliable friends. You will be a great success if you have patience and perseverance. You are often called upon to care for others and to complete what they have begun. Although it might not seem fair, and likely isn’t at all, it could be the key to your success and reputation.

Negative side of the 4, can be a dogmatic, narrow-minded, and repressive. You can be turned off by a lot of skin-deep people and lack the ability to communicate your feelings clearly to others. The negative 4 is prone to get lost in their daily lives, and miss the bigger picture and the major opportunities that may arise once in a while.

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