Life Path 2

The Life Path 2 indicates that you came to this plane with a spiritual quality, which allows you to be a peacemaker in society. Your strengths are based on your ability to listen and absorb. You are a fixer, mediator, and a diplomatic type of person who uses persuasive skills to find your way in the world. You are intuitive, visionary, avant-garde and idealistic when you embrace your spiritual side. These extremes make your interesting and have much to offer society. You are a deep thinker and will be interested in many of the mysteries and intriguing aspects of life.

Living with the positive attributes associated with the number 2 Life Path will make you the most sensitive and balanced person. People may look to you as a mediator because you can see all sides of any dispute or situation. You can resolve disputes with the best possible impartiality. You have sincere concern for others and think the best about people. You are open and honest in thought, word, and deed. Your ability to manage and blend people is a strength. You are a good listener and have a great sense of humor. You are a master at compromise and maintaining harmony within your environment. You are the best team member and you don’t need to be praised or recognized.

You are a creature of routine and habit. Your path is well-worn and familiar. You bring a natural ability to make accurate judgements and analyze situations. Your work is accurate and flawless. You may not be a leader but you are visionary and an extremely talented person who has the ability to think outside of the box.

Nervous energy, which is often seen in the 2 on the negative side, is a characteristic that can be observed in the 2. This can make you appear as an extreme and zealot when it comes to expressing your likes or dislikes. Nervous tension can cause the normally calm 2 to become agitated, which may make it seem outlandish to others. Sometimes, the 2 may become too sensitive. Sometimes, the strength or weakness of one can become the other. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose what to do. Indecisiveness is a common problem in twos. It can be difficult to make decisions and get your life on track. The many 2s are more likely to feel uneasy and dissatisfied with their achievements and life’s progress. Passivity, apathy, and lethargy are the most common obstacles and difficulties you might face. Negative 2 can make you very pessimistic. You will not be able to achieve much if you allow this to set in. Living on the negative side may make you unable to see the difference between reality and fantasy.

Even those with the 2 Life Path are more optimistic and will choose a more friendly, less competitive environment. They often avoid the business world. Your skills in counseling and guidance will be most useful to society. Your idealism is people-oriented and very humanitarian. You expect a lot from yourself.

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