Life Path 1

According to the Life Path 1, you have skills that will allow you to be a leader. Your nature is filled with individualistic needs, independence and the desire for personal achievement. People who have the Life Path 1 are many of our military generals, corporate leaders and political leaders. Positive 1 traits are a sign that your mind can be creatively inspired and has the drive and enthusiasm to achieve great things. You excel at initiating new projects and getting things moving. When faced with challenges and obstacles, you are at your best. You can overcome them with courage and strength. This includes both your inner and physical strength. This strength is accompanied by utter determination and the ability to lead. You are a natural leader and have the ability to take charge of any situation. Even if it’s not right for you, you have a natural tendency to do this.

You may be a great inventor or innovator. Independent thinking can shine through in any job you choose. Your personal desires and needs are very strong and you believe it is important to live by your convictions. You get bored quickly with routines and complex tasks.

You are confident and ambitious in your promotion of yourself. Despite the fact that you might hide it from others, you can be very self-centered and insist on your way in all situations. You are generally a great conversationalist, friend, and good company. People love you and find you attractive. You are sensitive to disapproval, and you don’t manage it well.

The negative side of the 1, can manifest in many ways. Although the 1 is a great leader, they can also be a failure as a follower. Sometimes, you will have to be a follower for a while before being allowed to lead. This can prove to be difficult. The 1 Life Path person who isn’t fully developed or expressing the negative side may seem more dependent than independent, especially in their early years. This negative trait of the number 1 is likely to make you unhappy with your life and desire self-sufficiency. This could be described as the weaker or more dependent side of the 1 Life Path. The 1 energy on the negative side can be too selfish, self-serving and egotistical. Be gentle and not too demanding.

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