How to change or correct name as per Numerology with date of birth

We all want to live a lucky life. The great sages gave us mysterious sciences out of which “numerology” is the one that gives instant luck by making a slight name correction in our present name.

If you want to change name with date of birth as per numerology, you must first learn the numerology values of alphabet. Each alphabet represents one each planet. For example A = 1 B = 2 . 1 meaning SUN and 2 meaning Moon vice versa. Here is the step-by-step guide to numerology name correction.. Numerology name correction with date of birth is possible by learning what are good and bad name numbers. One can easily create free name correction report or consult me to avial my numerology name correction services.

First of all, you must have original birthday number as per records. Only with original date of birth, one can proceed changing name as per numerology. Here is my step-by-step guide on name correction according to numerology.

Numerology name correction as per Chaldean numerology

For example, Raju is born on the 10th of May 2022. According to Chaldean Numerology System, here is the chart to calculate.

Chaldean Numerology Chart
Name Number of ‘Raju’

The total name number is 10. (It is matching with May 10th)

After knowing your name number, check it with your date of birth. This means, to make this name ‘raju’ lucky, you must be born on the 10th of any month. Then the name ‘Raju’ is lucky because the Name number and Birth number are the same and matching with each other. So according to numerology, the name number that matches with the birth number will give luck and prosperity throughout one’s life.

Pythagorean numerology name correction

Numerologists will also follow one more numerology system for name correction. It is called Pythagoras numerology system. This system is widely used for numerology name correction nowadays. Here is the chart for the Pythagoras system.

(Note: Name number calculation is the same whether you choose Chaldean or Pythagoras.)

Pythagorean Numerology Chart

Let us again calculate the name number for the name ‘RAJU’ according to Pythagorean Chart.

Name Number as per Pythagorean Chart

The total name number is 14. (It is not matching with May 10th). So according to Pythagorean numerology, the total name number 14 is not matching with the birth number of Raju i.e., 10.

Chaldean or Pythagorean numerology

Now, one may get doubt which numerology system is good and which one to follow. Should one follow Chaldean numerology or Pythagoras numerology for numerology name correction?

As an expert numerologist, I can say that one should follow Chaldean numerology because it is an age-old system developed in Egypt by a sect called Chaldeans. Whereas the Pythagoras system is found after many years. But I also noticed that Pythagoras numerology systems work best with business names. But for personal names, Chaldean is good to opt for a numerology name change.

Free Numerology name correction calculator app

There is an easy process to correct names according to numerology with the help of a numerology name change calculator or app. Download here

With the help of the calculator, you can add or delete certain letters to match your name exactly with your date of birth. Here are the screenshots how this numerology name correction calculator looks like:

Lucky name number by date of birth

Lucky name numbers to consider for different birth numbers. You can be a pro numerologist if you can implement these name numbers while correcting names according to DOB.

Birth DatesNumerology Name Numbers for Correction
1, 10, 19 ,28 of any months10, 19, 37, 55 ( best is 19)
2, 11, 20, 29 of any months23, 32, 41, 30, 21 ( best is 23)
3, 12, 21, 30 of any months21, 30, 25, 23, 41, 50  ( best is 41)
4, 13, 22, 31 of any months23, 32, 50, 15, 24, 42 ( best is 15)
5, 14, 23 of any months23, 32, 50, 30, 21 ( best is 23)
6, 15, 24 of any months15, 24,42 (best is 42)
7, 16, 25 of any months25, 34, 43, 30, 21 (best is 30)
8, 17, 26 of any months23, 32, 50, 15, 24,42  ( 42 is best)
9, 18, 27 of any months15, 24,42 (24 is best)
lucky name number by date of birth

Lucky names as per numerology

Here are few names that I have corrected according to numerology, you can just go through these lists of names and practice which name number is coming. In this way, you will learn to correct your name faster. Initially, you may feel difficulty correcting anybody’s name but once you practice, things will start becoming easier than expected. Take the help of a numerology calculator so that you will know the name number easily. It is tough to count manually by seeing charts. Charts are meant for remembering the denomination that each alphabet takes. Now check these names that I have corrected for my client in the last few years. All of them are enjoying the best career and lucky life as of now. They were once living a sad life but when they approached me, I gave the best numerology name correction and changed their lives from all negative vibrations to a positive ones.

Examples of Corrected names as per numerology

  1. sairanya
  2. Najihia
  3. saarinya
  4. samjarra
  5. akshara
  6. sreshta
  7. aruni
  8. redhvi
  9. kharsham
  10. kalyani
  11. keerti
  12. kurukshetrinee

What if the name looks awkward after correction? This is a very great problem that many numerologists don’t bother to take care of. It looks very weird if you correct a name awkwardly for positive vibration. For example, if “RAJU’ is corrected as “RRRAAJU”, does not it look awkward? Others will be embarrassed even to call and look at it. So the best way to avoid this is not to add too many repetitions of the same letter. Take time and try in many ways with the help of a numerology calculator. Never be hasty while correcting your name. After trying at least some 20 to 30 times, you will find some lucky name number and at the same time, it does not look awkward.

Top Unlucky name numbers that should never come in your name

unucky numbers in numerology

Top unlucky names that one should never dream of

unlucky names in numerology

If you have these name numbers in any way or names, kindly consider changing them asap, or else, you may face a difficult time with your name. You will experience bad luck and life becomes hard to live.

My suggestion is to consult the best numerologist for numerology name correction than trying it from your side because of its negative effects if something goes wrong. You must be extra careful not to correct your name as you like in haste. Always a professional can help you out how to proceed with the correction of name according to numerology. If you have any of the above unlucky names, it is better to change the name completely rather than correct it. Some names are not lucky even after correction. So, it is better to change.

Numerology name change benefits and effects

The benefits include improving your good luck and removing all bad luck that you have been facing until now. But numerology name change benefits depend on how you utilize your new name properly. After adding or deleting the alphabet, you must use a new name by writing it few times every day. Usually, the corrected name must be written regularly so that you may remember it and memorize the spelling. If possible, try to use a name plate on your study or office table. Change your email id with a new name and use it on all your social media. Do not change official matters very early. After six months, you can test your new name and if offers luck, then you can proceed with a name change officially through newspaper notification.

After how much time one will see numerology name change effects?

It is usually after 2 weeks to 1 months. Sometimes instantly the next day. It depends on the person who uses it and the people around who call him/her with the new name. The more effective way of using your new name is to allow others to call more times. This will allow positive vibration of the new name flow. You will start seeing amazing results with the new name change.

Should you use your house name/sir name?

It is your wish. Usually, in numerology, the calling name plays a vital role than a full name. This is because nobody calls you by your full name thus no positive vibrations happen. So, calling a name gives more positive results than a full name.

How to consult the best numerologist for name correction when you are confused with the numerology name change?

The best way to find a famous numerologist in India is to ask him directly over email or phone about his/her qualification. If they possess a degree in numerology, then you can be sure of getting lucky name correction. Nowadays, many beginner numerologists can give wrong name correction hastily. So look out and watch over such numerologists.

Numerology name correction book

If you want to learn numerology name correction, there are many books on ecommerce platforms like amazon and flipkart. There are also pdf’s that are freely available online. So go ahead and buy a book on numerology before making any change in your present name as per numerology. This is the best way not to mess up with wrong corrections.

Numerology name change after marraige

After marraige, it is a good option to change name as per numerology because it will give lucky vibration in the years to come. You will live a successful life with your family. It will give all the benefits of numerology. Do not forget to make change in such a way you calling name is also the same. Changing your calling name is better than changing your full name.