A glimpse on Numerology

Numerology is an ancient practice that involves the study of the relationships between numbers and the events, people, and things they represent. It is believed that the universe is made up of a series of numbers and that these numbers have a profound influence on our lives. By understanding the significance of these numbers, numerologists believe that we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

The basics of numerology are rooted in the belief that every number has a unique vibration and energy. These energies are believed to influence the way that events and people interact with one another. For example, the number one is associated with new beginnings, independence, and leadership, while the number two is associated with balance, harmony, and cooperation.

There are many different techniques used in numerology, but one of the most common is the study of the numerology chart. This chart is created using the individual’s birth date, full name, and other personal information to determine the significance of their numbers. The numerology chart provides information about the person’s personality, strengths and weaknesses, life path, and future possibilities.

One of the key components of numerology is the life path number. This number is calculated based on the individual’s birth date and is considered to be one of the most important numbers in the numerology chart. It represents the individual’s inherent qualities and characteristics and provides insight into their personal journey in life.

Another important aspect of numerology is the study of the personal year number. This number is calculated based on the individual’s birth date and the current year and provides insight into what the individual can expect in terms of personal growth, opportunities, and challenges in the coming year.

In addition to these personal numbers, numerologists also use numerology to study the significance of larger numbers, such as the number 11, which is believed to be a master number that represents spiritual awakening, and the number 22, which is believed to represent mastery and spiritual enlightenment.

In conclusion, numerology is a complex and fascinating practice that provides insight into the relationships between numbers and the events and people they represent. Whether you are interested in learning more about yourself or exploring the deeper mysteries of the universe, numerology can offer a wealth of knowledge and understanding. However, it is important to remember that numerology is not a science and that its results should be used for guidance and self-discovery, rather than as a definitive answer.

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Which numerology is Best?

Numerology is a mysterious effort to bring luck with the power of specific numbers that play in our name number. But it is confusing to understand which method of numerology to follow and get better results. As we all know, there are two main methods in numerology. They are Chaldean Numerology and Pythagoras numerology.

With all the experience, I can quickly tell that Chaldean numerology is best for personal name correction and Pythagoras numerology is best for Business name correction. Both go hand in hand, but it depends on which account one would like to correct or change a name.

For all personal names, Chaldean numerology is best because it is an age-old and proved science. Even Cheiro(French Numerologist) has used Chaldean numerology to predict the future of queens and kings during those days. It was all apt. Cheiro predicted with the method of Chaldean Numerology. There is a piece of evidence from Cheiro himself. He has also written a popular book called Book of Numbers that tells about how to use Chaldean to understand the future.

But unfortunately, Pythagoras numerology has no such physical strong evidence that is popular. But still, it was later derived from famous mathematician Pythagoras who changed the values of each alphabet that resulted in the Pythagoras method. In my years of experience, the Pythagorean numerology method is best for business names and brand names. So if one has to get a bit of good luck with a business name, the best numerology method is Pythagoras one.

There is always confusion among many famous numerologists on this subject of which numerology is best to follow. But I have no mess as such because experience is the only answer. But one thing that I follow is to follow both methods while giving a name change to my clients. I make sure the name is vibrating positively in both systems of numerology. If someone comes to me for a personal name correction, I give 70% preference to Chaldean numerology and make sure that no wrong numbers come in Pythagoras numerology. This way, it is safe with name changes. In the same way, if someone comes for a business name correction, I give 70% preference to the Pythagoras method, and Chaldean is just a matter of not coming wrong numbers.

My concluding suggestion on this topic that numerology is best is that we need to test with it. Again do not get confused. I say to experiment with both methods. Sometimes one process works for one person, but the same way may not work with another person. So it is a matter of testing your name change with each method. Again do not get confused. What I say is what works for you may not work for your friend. So numerology is like that. You have to make sure with experience. If something is not working with a new name change, you must skip such a method and follow the second method.

There is no exact decisive factors in numerology. It is all test and experience. Numerology is something mysterious that one have to dig into its depth by trying and experiencing results of numerology

Life Path 9

Life Path 9 indicates that you have a lot of dramatic emotions and a strong sense compassion and generosity. Humanitarian attitudes are key to understanding the Life Path 9 personality. Even those who are not in the top tier of life path 9 have a tendency to be very compassionate.

This number usually results in an individual who is trustworthy, honorable, and unlikely to harbor any kind of prejudice. This is an enormous task, but it shows that you care deeply about the well-being of those less fortunate than you. The 9 is the highest single-digit number, and it holds a higher position in terms of responsibility to humanity.

Although material gains are not important, the 9 Life Path people are rewarded for their quality in a very significant way. The 9 Life Path is unlikely to become rich because they are generous to a fault and have a positive attitude about money. Rarely, the 9 Life Path has a completely selfless attitude and gives up material possessions in order to benefit others.

You are a strong presence and have the 9 Life Path. People are drawn to your open, magnetic personality and will be able to make friends easily. You may be a “hail-fellow”, which may have been used to describe a 9Life Path. This may be because you are a cheerful, friendly, and open-minded person. Your openness and friendly demeanor make it easy to meet new people and quickly become friends. You are known for your geniality and often lead in any field you choose.

It can be hard to find a balance in relationships that works for you. The relationship will last if your partner shares your generosity and is happy. If you choose a partner who is focused on material matters, it will be difficult to have a happy and lasting relationship.

As you are sensitive and feel the world deeply, you tend to be very sensitive. Sometimes, the number 9’s deep understanding of life can be expressed in the literary and artistic fields. It is a great area for people with a passion for acting and drama. You may also be able express your deep emotions through music, painting, writing, and other art forms.

For those who have a 9-life path, the purpose of their life is often philosophical. Many educators, judges, spiritual leaders, healers, and healers have a lot of 9 energy. This group is less tolerant of the competitive business environment, and may find it difficult to thrive.

Like all life paths numbers, the number 9 also has its downside. Many people fail to succeed in the 9 category due to the challenging nature of the positive 9. People who have the 9 life path are not afraid to face the challenges and realities of selflessness. It may be difficult to believe that giving and lacking personal ambition can bring satisfaction. You must accept the fact that there is no long-term happiness and satisfaction in rejecting your natural humanistic inclinations.

Life Path 7

According to the Life Path 7, you have a gift for analysis, investigation, and keen observation. You are a thinker of first order. You can evaluate situations quickly and with great accuracy. You are a perfectionist, who expects others to perform at a high level.

A Life Path 7 person is a calm and affectionate being. You must be careful about your relationships with people. You are able to recognize deceit and insincere people easily, so you try to avoid them. Although you don’t need a large circle of friends to be a good friend, once you have made the decision to accept another person as a friend, that’s a commitment for life. It is as if you have to get to know someone better before you let the walls around you fall. You are likely to be charming, refined, and well-informed with a great sense of wit. You are unique, however. You are probably not a social person. Although it is sometimes interpreted as aloofness, your reserve is actually not. This is just a way to mask your insecurity. You don’t have to be in a hurry. It takes time to make new friends. You are not interested in joining clubs and organizations.

You enjoy being alone, away from all the noise and bustle of modern day life. You would have adapted better to a slower pace of life in many ways. To be able to connect with your inner thoughts and dreams, you need quiet time. People, noise, distractions and confusion are not things you like.

The number 7’s overwhelming power is evident in the depth of thought that it displays. You will gain knowledge from almost every source you find. Intellectual, scientific, or studious, you can’t accept a presumption until you’ve dissected it and come up with your own conclusions.

This number is very spiritual and often indicates a kind of spiritual wisdom that emerges at an early age. You may be regarded as a law unto your own inner guidance, which can provide a strong sense intuition. You will hold on to your spiritual beliefs with passion, no matter how bizarre or traditional they may be. It is nearly impossible to get back to the same issue once you have resolved it. You are not a person who is flexible. Change is rare for you.

Instead of relying on someone else’s advice, you rely heavily upon your own experiences and intuition. You trust your intuition and follow the direction they direct you.

You can be very pessimistic and lackadaisical when you make the most of the 7 energies. An individual with a Life Path 7 who isn’t living their life fully and learning from experiences is difficult to live with. This is because they lack consideration for others. This is a very negative attitude. Living with a 7 can be difficult if you are a negative person. Some 7s prefer to live alone. Negative traits can be very hard to overcome if you feel the world owes you a living or you are being unfairly treated.

The negative 7 isn’t the usual 7, but it does have some positive attributes. This number seems to be prone to major changes from highs and lows. You may struggle to find stability in your feelings.

Life Path 6

The Life Path 6 indicates that you came to this plane equipped with the tools necessary to be a true nurturer and beacon for justice, righteousness, truth, and domesticity. A 6 Life Path will show you that your maternal or paternal instincts are superior to all others. You are the primary caregiver and head of the family, whether you’re at home or at work. The 6 may have significant responsibilities in the local community. However, life revolves around the family and the immediate home. Conservative convictions and principles are deeply ingrained in your character.

To be happy, you must be idealistic. Your main contribution is to the community by providing advice, support, and service. You are a humanitarian first. You have a responsibility to help others and that starts in your home. You are realistic and human. The home, your family, and your friends are the most important things in your life.

This Life Path is about leadership by example and taking on responsibility. It is your responsibility to carry the load and be available to help. You are likely to be like most people with Life Path 6. If so, you will gladly take on more than you can handle and be there for others when they need you. You take control of the situation and can often be considered an authority.

The 6 is loyal, devoted and dedicated in romance. You are a caretaker type and are likely to attract people who are weaker or more dependent than you. Someone you can take care of and protect. Harmony is the key ingredient in a relationship. Stressful relationships can make it difficult for you to function. Friends are loyal and trustworthy, too. However, you can become dominant and controllable.

You are likely to feel the need to act with strength and compassion. You are compassionate and generous with your personal and material resources. Your life is built on wisdom, balance, understanding, and a positive outlook. From an early age, you will be blessed with extraordinary wisdom and the ability understand other people’s problems. This allows you to bridge the generation gap and take on a significant role in your life.

Although the number 6 Life Path has few negative examples, there are some inherent pitfalls to this path. You might be prone to becoming overwhelmed by responsibilities or a slave to your family members and close friends. You may fall into the trap of being too critical of others and too harsh on yourself. You can misuse this Life Path to become exaggerated, self-righteous, and over-expansive. It may be difficult to show humility and modesty. It is a problem to try to impose one’s views in a meddling or interfering way.

This Life Path 6 person may be able to take on responsibility when the natural burdens are too heavy. Rejecting responsibility will make it very difficult to feel good and will cause you to feel guilty. It will also have very negative effects on your relationships with other people.

Life Path 5

According to the Life Path 5, you should have a progressive mindset and the ability to use your skills and talents in order make the world a better destination. Freedom is the key word in your Life Path. You are versatile, creative, curious, and innovative in your thinking when you pursue freedom. You are a person who is constantly looking for answers to all the questions life throws at you. Continuous improvement and change are the hallmarks of positive Life Path 5. This is the number that most closely associates with productive freedom.

As the 5 is the most liber-loving and compassionate of all Life Paths, you may be among the most compassionate. You may have a love for freedom that extends to all people. Your concern for the welfare of others, as well as his freedom, may be a primary focus. Abraham Lincoln, a great American Life Path 5 President, was the one who issued the Emancipation Proclamation and abolished slavery in America. Your potential in government, law and other positions of power is limitless as a progressive thinker.

You’re a great communicator and can motivate others. This is your most important and strongest trait. This skill and your natural wit make you a natural born salesman. You are able to motivate and sell any type of product, as well as any ideas or concepts.

You hate monotony and boring work and aren’t good at managing your time. The average number five personality is happy-go-lucky and focuses on today rather than worrying about tomorrow. You should also look for a job that offers challenging tasks and not repetitive responsibilities. Although you are best at dealing with people, it is important that you have the ability to express yourself. You are able to quickly think through complicated matters, analyze them quickly and then move on to something else.

Your life may be dominated by a love for adventure. You may feel this in the form of a mental or physical manifestation. However, you love the opportunity to explore new places and discover new things. You are a member of a group that is considered to be the most traveled and worldly. You aren’t one to miss a great opportunity. Your personality is a lot more risk-taking than you realize. You are likely to take on a variety of risks every day if you don’t put your money at risk. It is not your nature to be conservative.

You hate being restricted and tied down in romance. It doesn’t mean you are promiscuous or unfaithful, but you need to be able to communicate your feelings. You will not find a partner who is jealous or has tight reins. If you can trust your partner and understand that you need to be free and trustworthy, you will be trusted even if you’re not always available or completely reliable. You should be open to a variety of people, but avoid demanding and serious ones.

You are likely to be multitalented but lacking direction if you live on the negative side. You may be discontented, impulsive and restless. This could lead to you jumping from one job or another without achieving much. Negative Life Path 5 can lead to irresponsibility in your home and business decisions. You may become obsessed with sensations and adventures and lose sight of the feelings of others around you.

Life Path 4

This Life Path’s top tier can become a master builder of society. If you’re among these talented people, your idealistic nature is grounded in practical terms. This allows you to create grandiose and far-reaching plans and see them through to completion. You can attain great success and prestige if you want it and are willing and able to work hard for it. It is not possible to be famous with a 4Life Path.

This Life Path is for those who are able to take orders and follow through with them. Many 4s work and live happily in this environment. The 4 Life Path is often the manager and entrepreneur in the community. You will always expect the same from yourself and others in both roles.

You possess the willpower that can often be mistaken for stubbornness. Although you don’t consider yourself to be stubborn, your honesty and direct speech make you seem unrelenting. Once you make a decision, you will follow it through until the end, right, wrong or indifferent. You are determined and very settled in your decisions. Your determination and drive to succeed are borderline obsession. You are an excellent manager who has a great understanding of how to accomplish the job.

Because of your natural ability to see things in a common sense and practical manner, you are an excellent planner and organizer. You are a perfectionist and have a strong desire for success in your work. To avoid making mistakes, planning is essential. Because it’s rare for a 4 Life Path 4 to not have a to-do list at her disposal, it’s likely they invented it. You can organize your life in a way that allows you to manage the flow and prioritize the ideas and activities that come up every day. You function well when you’re under pressure and dealing with difficult problems.

You are loyal and dedicated, making the most of your marriage and being a good provider. Although you may not have many friends, your friendships can last a lifetime.

The number 4, which is strongly associated with the element earth, is a solid symbol of its strength and complete sense of reality. You are one of your most reliable friends. You will be a great success if you have patience and perseverance. You are often called upon to care for others and to complete what they have begun. Although it might not seem fair, and likely isn’t at all, it could be the key to your success and reputation.

Negative side of the 4, can be a dogmatic, narrow-minded, and repressive. You can be turned off by a lot of skin-deep people and lack the ability to communicate your feelings clearly to others. The negative 4 is prone to get lost in their daily lives, and miss the bigger picture and the major opportunities that may arise once in a while.

Life Path 3

Your Life Path 3 signifies that you have a great sense of creativity and excellent communication skills. Your creativity and inventive expression will likely lead to your success. The most gifted three possess the most innovative skills. These are usually in the verbal, writing, speaking, acting or similar areas. These are the entertainers of this world. They are bright, cheerful, optimistic people with a positive outlook. This path is bright and encourages harmony, beauty, pleasures, and sharing your creative talents with the rest of the world. This life path is about achieving your highest potential in creative self-expression.
You live your life to the fullest and often don’t worry about tomorrow. Because you aren’t concerned about money, you don’t do well at managing it. It’s easy to spend money when you have it, and not when you don’t.

They love to connect with others. They are warm and friendly, open-minded, social, and a good conversationalist. You are a great listener and a good speaker. But, even more important, you can listen to other people. The life path 3 results in people who can make others feel welcome and are a positive addition to any social setting. Your outlook on life is positive. You are likely to be cheerful and open-hearted. You are a happy, inspired person who is always looking for and requiring the stimulation of like-minded people.

Your 3 Life Path has a distant side. This is a surprise to both natives and those who believe they know everything. This 3 is actually very sensitive. You can retreat to a cocoon of sadness and silence when you are hurt. The 3 manages to overcome all setbacks in life and bounces back quickly. You are able to admit that you have problems and not let them ruin your life. You are sensitive to hurt and have a caring disposition.

The 3 is a loyal and passionate lover in romance. Things that go wrong can cause scares that seem linger. All emotions can deeply touch the 3 and may take time to resolve. Unfortunately, partners who are not as generous as the 3 can be attracted to their generosity often become demanding. Balance in relationships is difficult for the 3 Life Path as it is with many of life’s problems.

Controlling your highs, and lows is the biggest test of a 3 Life Path. If you’re placed under a dominating manager or in a routine environment, you won’t do well. You are more likely to be slow-thinking and overly contemplative if you work for, under, or with them. If you can focus your energies and talents, your exuberance can get you far.

A 3 might be happy with the simple joys of life, even if they are the only ones living on the wrong side of the Life Path. You might lose your purpose and scatter your talents. You may find it difficult to see the 3 and become moody or retreating. The 3 life path is not without its pitfalls. You may find it difficult to settle down in one place or one job. Be careful not to be critical of others or impatient, intolerant, and overly optimistic.

Life Path 2

The Life Path 2 indicates that you came to this plane with a spiritual quality, which allows you to be a peacemaker in society. Your strengths are based on your ability to listen and absorb. You are a fixer, mediator, and a diplomatic type of person who uses persuasive skills to find your way in the world. You are intuitive, visionary, avant-garde and idealistic when you embrace your spiritual side. These extremes make your interesting and have much to offer society. You are a deep thinker and will be interested in many of the mysteries and intriguing aspects of life.

Living with the positive attributes associated with the number 2 Life Path will make you the most sensitive and balanced person. People may look to you as a mediator because you can see all sides of any dispute or situation. You can resolve disputes with the best possible impartiality. You have sincere concern for others and think the best about people. You are open and honest in thought, word, and deed. Your ability to manage and blend people is a strength. You are a good listener and have a great sense of humor. You are a master at compromise and maintaining harmony within your environment. You are the best team member and you don’t need to be praised or recognized.

You are a creature of routine and habit. Your path is well-worn and familiar. You bring a natural ability to make accurate judgements and analyze situations. Your work is accurate and flawless. You may not be a leader but you are visionary and an extremely talented person who has the ability to think outside of the box.

Nervous energy, which is often seen in the 2 on the negative side, is a characteristic that can be observed in the 2. This can make you appear as an extreme and zealot when it comes to expressing your likes or dislikes. Nervous tension can cause the normally calm 2 to become agitated, which may make it seem outlandish to others. Sometimes, the 2 may become too sensitive. Sometimes, the strength or weakness of one can become the other. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose what to do. Indecisiveness is a common problem in twos. It can be difficult to make decisions and get your life on track. The many 2s are more likely to feel uneasy and dissatisfied with their achievements and life’s progress. Passivity, apathy, and lethargy are the most common obstacles and difficulties you might face. Negative 2 can make you very pessimistic. You will not be able to achieve much if you allow this to set in. Living on the negative side may make you unable to see the difference between reality and fantasy.

Even those with the 2 Life Path are more optimistic and will choose a more friendly, less competitive environment. They often avoid the business world. Your skills in counseling and guidance will be most useful to society. Your idealism is people-oriented and very humanitarian. You expect a lot from yourself.

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